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The Buddha Collection

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Beautiful Flavors, Made Without Dairy (vegan)
This collection of vegan confections was created in honor of our son, who we affectionately called Buddha for his first year of life. He had so many food sensitivities in his early years: soy, sesame, and dairy, to name a few. Hence, the ingredients in these chocolates are all free of soy, gluten and dairy (but please note they are created in a facility that handles all of the above). The creative flavor pairings in this assortment are beloved by vegans and omnivores alike. Enjoy in good health!


The Collection

Strawberry Balsamic
purée of local strawberries and organic balsamic vinegar in a dark chocolate and coconut cream ganache. Sprinkled with cacao nibs.

Almond Praline
a layer of creamy, housemade almond paste, enrobed in dark chocolate.

Grapefruit + Olive Oil + Fennel
fennel-infused extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of grapefruit in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Caramel
a rich, creamy chocolate caramel made with coconut milk, in a dark chocolate shell.

Mint Meltaway
creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, peppermint dark chocolate bonbon, enrobed in dark chocolate.

our original vegan truffle made with bittersweet chocolate and coconut cream.

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