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The Luxurious Allure of Living in The Carolinas

Oct 23, 2021

Luxury Living: The Best Southern States to Live In

North and South Carolina are among the best southern states to live in, full of interesting people, great adventures, and even better food. The seven luxury communities of The Cliffs are located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing access to gorgeous outdoor spots and charming towns. 

If you have been on the search for where to find your next luxury home, take a look at our top reasons for moving to the Carolinas.

1. Maintain Your High Standard of Living at a Lower Cost

As a result of North and South Carolina’s comparatively low cost of living, you can get more out of your lifestyle, especially if you own multiple properties. It is especially true when comparing the cost of living to places like that of New York or California. Being able to maintain your lifestyle for lower cost means more time spent enjoying what the area has to offer — which is a big draw for many of our residents. 

Making the Most of Your Investment at The Cliffs

Because the Carolinas are some of the best southern states to live in, your budget can be focused on the quality of your home and property rather than on details such as property taxes and the like. Lucky for you, high-quality homes come standard as a part of living at The Cliffs. The craftsmanship of our built-for-sale properties and custom homes is some of the finest in the country. By working with some of the best builders and architects in the industry, we offer one-of-a-kind lake and mountain homes

2. Access to a World of Landscapes

Whether it’s the smokey mist that cloaks the Blue Ridge Mountains, the shimmering waters of the many lakes found throughout each state, or the white sandy dunes of its beaches, you will always find adventure in the Carolinas. Both states offer mountains, sea, as well as urban and rural lifestyles. Truth be told, there is no way to express the beauty of these states in words, as there is no limit to what you can see here. 

Taking in the Natural Beauty at The Cliffs

Homeowners at The Cliffs are surrounded by miles upon miles of natural beauty within the boundaries of their community. In all development plans, land preservation within community gates is paramount to The Cliffs’ mission, which is to provide wonderful natural experiences to community members. What can you expect within our gates? You may stumble upon hiking trails wrapping around mountaintops, open fields teeming with long grasses and wildflowers, sandy shores and hidden coves on Lake Keowee, or wild muscadine grape vines climbing up toward the sky. Everywhere you look, you are greeted with breathtaking scenery.

3. A Central Location for Even More Adventure

As one of the most centrally located states on the East Coast, the Carolinas are ideally situated for quick access to a wide range of places to visit. When you find yourself in a completely different setting just a few hours away, the world is truly your oyster. 

Living Centrally at The Cliffs

Our communities are located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and are just hours, if not minutes, from Appalachian mountain towns that offer tremendous beauty and culture. One of our communities rests on the outskirts of Asheville, a thriving mountain city with a love for art and craft beer. You can be on the beach or strolling through downtown Charleston in less than a four hour’s drive from our communities. Charlotte can be reached in two hours, Nashville in six, and Atlanta in two and a half. An area such as this is extremely popular with community members eager to explore diverse cultures, people, and natural beauty. Again showing why the Carolinas are by far the best southern states to live in. 

4. Southern and Small Town Hospitality

A sweet smile and a glass of sweet tea are hallmarks of the Carolinas. This is a place where neighbors form lasting bonds. Carolina residents value family, friendships, and kindness, and make wonderful neighbors and friends. These attributes are understandably part of the appeal of living here.

Wonderful Camaraderie and Friendships at The Cliffs

This is particularly true at The Cliffs where the spirit of camaraderie is highly encouraged. Residents of our community often spend their days exploring the wonders of their surroundings together. Whether you’re into watersports on Lake Keowee and golf tournaments, or outings at your favorite clubhouse, you will get to enjoy the warmth of friendship and the great people found in the Carolinas. 

5. A Generation of Love for Sports

Throughout these two states, sports are highly valued and their teams respected. Sports seasons bring excitement to every fan, from professional teams to college sports. Some of this can be traced to generations, such as the rivalry between Duke and UNC (where you don’t want to get caught wearing the wrong color blue!) to the devoted love for the Clemson Tigers. In the end it inspires fun get-togethers, southern style tailgates, and friendly competition among friends. 

Finding Your Love for Sports at The Cliffs

The Cliffs has a particular affinity for one sport in particular: golf. The communities at The Cliffs are home to seven golf courses that deliver tailored experiences to members, so you can cross each one off your bucket list in no time. In addition, pickleball and tennis tournaments are regularly held for neighbors and friends to participate in. You can even take your enjoyment of the game to new heights by learning from professionals trained in each sport. 

6. Excellent Food and Drink is a Priority

Have you ever tried real barbecue? And yes, Carolina style barbecue came long before its Texan counterpart! The Carolina style features pork, rather than beef, for a tasty bite that is fatty and flavorful. Seafood is a staple of the local culture as well. Among the specialties to look forward to are traditional she crab soup or shrimp and grits — all regionally local, of course. 

Drinking and Eating Well at The Cliffs

In each of our seven communities, we offer multiple dining venues led by chefs and staff who are among the best in the business. Each of our seven chefs has a wealth of culinary knowledge and a passion for creating flavors that inspire. Where else can you get such a curated dining experience? Several wine sommeliers are on staff to provide curated pairings for your meal. If you want to buy some of the best wines available to you, you can do so through the Wine Consortium Program

The Best Southern States to Live In are Found Here

When you combine the thoughtfulness of the service and experiences that The Cliffs are known for, plus the beauty and hospitality of the Carolinas, you are in for a treat. Get ready to elevate your life in so many ways, and create lasting memories centered around adventure and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Across North and South Carolina, our communities reach three different regions based on the offerings they provide. The Asheville Region provides close access to one of the most beloved mountain towns in the carolinas. In the Lake Region, each community sits against the shores of the beautiful Lake Keowee. Whereas the Mountain Region is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing closer access to the mountain lifestyle. 

Get to know our three glorious regions and what they can offer you. Click the button below to explore the three regions at The Cliffs. 

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