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6 Decorating Tips for Your Carolina Mountain Home

Jun 24, 2020

How to Decorate Your Carolina Mountain Home

Carolina mountain homes have a certain ambiance that are unlike other homes. Maybe it’s their proximity to the great outdoors, or how they manage to highlight the magnificent views from within. Much of their uniqueness, however, is due to their tasteful design. 

As a homeowner, you want the colors, style and furniture in your home to complement its surroundings, not compete against them. In order to create a space that accentuates the beauty of your mountain home, we have created a list of the best decorating tips to incorporate in your design. 

1. Focus on a Rustic Elements

When you want your mountain home to feel like it belongs in the mountains, go rustic with elements that are natural, rough, aged, and casual. 

When you are decorating your home, include furniture or accessories that have a natural feel to them. Find art with organic shapes. Use contrasting textures, like a soft, fluffy throw blanket and a chunky wooden stump as a side table. Make earth toned colors, such as greens and blues, your accent colors. Be sure to highlight the natural elements in the space, like a smooth stone fireplace, by making it the focal point of the room. Each of these will help your design feel more rustic, and more in touch with nature.

2. Use Large, Frameless Windows

Since your Carolina mountain home is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, why not showcase it? When you choose a Carolina mountain home, select a home with large, frameless windows that bring attention to the scenic mountain vistas. These windows naturally create the feeling of a picture frame where the views are the composition. Not only that, but they also give way to lots of natural light to fill the space. 

Choose windows in natural colors, or even stained wood, to minimize the distraction from the view. If you choose to use curtains, use natural colors with a subtle texture to add interest. Also, rustic hardware will help unify the look. If you don’t want to cover any of the windows with curtains, there are shades that can create privacy and block out sun. Again, choose natural fiber or canvas shades to fit the space. 

3. Lighting 

Lighting can make all of the difference in how a space feels. Bright, natural light coming in from your large windows will make the indoor area feel larger and more open. When you have an abundance of natural lighting, you won’t need to use much additional lighting in the space. However, make sure that the lights you do use in your design compliment the room. Soft lighting can create warmth, while spotlights can accentuate features you want to be the centerpiece of your design. 

4. Use Natural & Earth Toned Color Palettes

In order to create a seamless transition with the outdoors, use natural and earth toned colors in your design. Earth tones originate from clay pigments found naturally in the earth. Use rich browns, olive greens and muted gray-blues throughout your home to add warmth to the space. 

If you want to add color, do so with small pops of a brighter accent color. A burnt orange or deep red will fit in nicely with the other natural colors in your space. To add a subtle modern contrast, use white sparingly to bring balance to the rustic nature of your design.

5. Use Rich Fabrics & Rugs

Textiles are a crucial part of any decorating project. From curtains and rugs, to throw pillows and blankets, fabrics are all around your home. When decorating your Carolina mountain home, try to choose fabrics with organic patterns and natural colors. Remember, these elements are easier to change out in a design, and can elevate a space without having to redecorate completely. 

Don’t forget to play with texture, too. Smooth, brown leather on couches or side chairs work well in a rustic design. Use a rough woven rug against polished hardwood floors to add contrast to the sleek nature of the wood. If you want to have the opposite effect, soften the feel of the space with a soft, furry rug. Not only do area rugs create a certain ambiance in a room, but they also naturally divide spaces in a room, especially one with large open areas. When it comes to patterns and textures, the possibilities are practically endless.

6. Incorporate Polished Wood

Wood is a natural element you can include into your decor in a variety of ways. From furniture to modern wall paneling, wood can be used to create interest without being overpowering. Use reclaimed wood to continue with the rustic theme. A large tree stump coffee table can be quite the statement piece. If you want to create a luxurious feel, use polished dark wood, either in furniture, cabinetry or hardwood floors. 

Designing Your Carolina Mountain Home

Decorating the interior of a home is one of the most exciting parts of homeownership. It can be used to show your personality and make it a comfortable space that is entirely your own. The only thing that could make it more special if you have helped in the architectural design of your home from the ground up. 

Design your Carolina mountain home at The Cliffs and you’ll have access to amenities you won’t be able to find anywhere else. From the very beginning, our Real Estate Sales Team can help you find and choose the perfect homesite. Once you have found the perfect spot to call home, our Preferred Builders Program takes away the stress of finding a contractor and builder. We have handpicked experienced and trustworthy builders that specialize in the construction of Carolina mountain homes.

After you’ve moved in, you will become a part of The Cliffs community. From days spent golfing or out on the lake, The Cliffs has it all! Are you ready to start building your dream home in the mountains? Contact our team today to schedule a meeting to learn more about everything The Cliffs has to offer.

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