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Developing Your Golf Game While Social Distancing

Apr 10, 2021

Golf Social Distancing: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game 

For any golf enthusiast, not being able to get out and play a round of 18-holes on the course has been quite the challenge. Although your ability to compete may be limited, now is a great time to develop various elements of your form and technique right from your own home. Here are a few tips for avid –– or beginner –– golfers looking to improve their golf, social distancing and all.

1. Master Your Grip

Because proper hand placement keeps you from manipulating the club, mastering the golf grip is fundamental to having complete control of the club. The way you position your hands will determine the orientation of the club’s face upon impact and affect the precision of your stroke. 

One way to practice your grip is on parallel bars or even a suitcase handle. This can help you achieve the proper lead hand golf grip –– where the left hand sits on top for a right-handed player. Your other hand, which is also referred to as the trail hand, is then placed where the lifeline in the palm is connected to the side of the thumb on the lead hand. You should keep the creases between the index fingers and thumbs narrow. Then, you’re all set for a fluid and powerful swing.

2. Perfect Your Posture

In golf, good posture sets you up to move your body freely with effortless speed. Not to mention how important proper posture is to avoid back strains or injuries. 

To learn how to establish good posture at home, start by placing a pool noodle under the arches of your feet, squishing the noodle to the ground. This will give you a slight bend in your pelvis and torso, and you’ll feel your feet pressing into the ground and the ground pressing back. Try to give the torso about twice as much bend as the pelvis to avoid flaws in your swing. 

Then, take a yardstick and hang it from the back of your trailside armpit. It should hang down and intersect with the butt of the grip and your kneecaps, and point to the back of the balls of your feet.

3. Smooth Out Your Swing 

When fluidity and control harmonize in a golf swing, the result is simply magnificent. The benefits of having a dependable swing can do wonders for your performance. 

For a higher-quality practice session at home, you may want to consider building a home golf simulator. To do so, you will need to purchase a few items including a putting mat, golf net or impact screen, projector, and simulator. Once you have the components in place, you can begin to practice your putting, full shots, and wedge play.

Another way to smooth out your swing is by working on your flexibility. Over time, this will help you achieve a more consistent golf swing. Incorporate daily stretching sessions or practice yoga regularly, as it will strengthen and loosen up your muscles and joints –– increasing the range of motion in your swing. Ultimately, these tweaks will lead to better results when competing. 

4. Boost Your Endurance

No matter how walkable the golf course may be, after making your way through all 18 holes your body will inevitably start to feel fatigued. This can impact the quality and power of your stroke, along with your overall ability to focus on the task at hand. Luckily, now is a great time to work on your overall endurance to stay in tip-top shape. 

Going for long walks or hikes, mountain biking, running, and other cardio-specific exercises can all increase your stamina and strength. If possible, you should aim to add about 30 minutes to your daily training routine. 

5. Stay Consistent 

When it comes to golf, consistent practice is a must to see any sort of improvement. Creating a practice routine and developing good habits can keep you on the right path to experience continuous growth in your game.

If you incorporate these techniques into your game, you’ll be ready to move freely with flow and speed when you can safely get back on the course. In the meantime, our private luxury communities at The Cliffs are the ideal place to social distance while you continue to develop all aspects of your game. 

Each of our seven state-of-the-art wellness centers allows you to work on your strength and mobility with the guidance of experienced trainers. Our premier golf courses are also equipped with exceptional practice facilities led by our team of expert golfers and professional staff to help you refine your putts, chips, and drives. 

Become a Golf Member at The Cliffs

At The Cliffs, our golf members can enjoy the game in a truly remarkable way. Unlike other club memberships, our exclusive golf membership grants players access to not one, but seven world-class courses located throughout Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. 

Masterfully created by some of the most well-known golf course designers in the country, each course naturally folds into the land, preserving the rustic charm of the Carolina mountains. From true mountain-top golf to holes that plunge into the expansive Lake Keowee, players have a grand selection of styles to choose from. 

But golf is only the beginning of your experience at The Cliffs. In addition to complete access to our golf facilities, the all-inclusive golf membership also opens the door to other luxury amenities offered within our gates. Wellness centers, numerous tennis and pickleball courts, watersports programs, hundreds of private social clubs –– and the list goes on. 

If you are ready to take your game to the next level with our golf experience at The Cliffs, start by browsing our available homes. Once you find your dream luxury home, you’re one step closer to embarking on your adventure as an esteemed member of our community in the Carolina mountains. To learn more about the process, contact us directly by clicking on the button below.

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This post was originally written on April 1st, 2020, and rewritten on April 10th, 2021.

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