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How to Add Touches of Summer to Your Luxury Home

Jun 05, 2021

9 Ideas for Summertime Luxury Home Decor

Embrace summertime by adding subtle touches of summer to your luxury home’s decor. This time of year is characterized by warmth and sunshine, family gatherings, and appreciating the great outdoors. You can evoke these moments throughout your home with elegant decor to make the most of the season. 

Discover some simple tips for bringing summer into your home below. 

1. Create a Summer Design Board

Start by putting together your own design board of sorts. This is common practice for interior designers when presenting their design vision to their clients. It’s a simple collage highlighting samples of patterns, colors, materials, and textures meant to inspire (and guide) your decorating efforts. Create one for the season to help get you started with your decor ideas.

2. Tie in Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

Season by season, your home’s color palette will look different. Mirror what’s found in nature and add hints of summer colors to your palette. Go for a walk around your home and take into account the colors and patterns you see in the nature surrounding you. Perhaps you stumble upon a field of colorful wildflowers, or you spot a butterfly with intricate striping along its wings. Bring all of these wonderful colors and patterns together and create a native summer palette for your home. 

A mixture of warm reds and oranges, or cool blues and greens are always go-to colors for this time of year. However, light pastels and various shades of white are always a safe choice if you prefer neutrals. For patterns, don’t shy away from incorporating florals, stripes, gingham, or animal prints. Even if it’s only done on a very small scale, such as a decorative bowl in the kitchen

3. Place Plants and Flowers Around Your Home

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating fresh plants and flowers where you can. Add a vase with fresh cuttings of flowers or greenery to your tables, mantle, and kitchen and bathroom counters throughout the house. Cut long stems and place them in a bottleneck vase for a tall centerpiece or to add height to a low place setting. 

Potted plants are excellent for bringing vibrant greenery indoors as well. Choose a plant that matches with your luxury home’s decor style. Fig leaf trees are very popular at the moment and provide a lush, tropical look and feel. Potted ivy or other draped plants look beautiful in bathrooms and have a more traditional, cottage-like look to them. 

4. Focus on Outdoor Spaces

As we transition further into the season, you will be using your outdoor spaces more than ever. Focus on seating areas, as these can make or break an outdoor space. Add plush seating that encourages lounging and long conversations. Adirondack chairs are also an excellent choice, especially around a fire pit. Rocking chairs on the front porch are the epitome of Southern charm. 

Finish the space with layered decor for a high-end design look. Add lighting, rugs, throws, and lanterns to create a breathtaking outdoor space you will spend all day and night in. 

5. Change Out the Bedding and Linens

Swap heavy bedding and linens for lightweight materials to reflect the season and it’s warm temperatures. Sheets, duvet covers, pillow shams, and the like in light colors or whites look best. Heavy materials and dark colors are often associated with fall and winter, so this is an easy way to instantly lighten and brighten your luxury home decor for the summer.

6. Accessorize with Fresh Fruit

A large bowl filled with fresh fruit is not only a sweet treat, but it also makes for a beautiful display. Arrange the fruit to look organically placed, as if you just picked it from your own garden. When hosting a dinner, you can also use a variety of fruits as a centerpiece. Play on the theme of the evening’s meal for decor ideas. Bar carts can also be decorated with fruit and fresh herbs for a rustic display that is also practical — cocktail, anyone?

7. Choose Summery Materials

Materials such as caning and wicker are perfect for the summer. Add furniture pieces both indoors and outdoors. Certain types of wood, such as teak, are heavily associated with summer as well. Accents made with pearl, oystershell, terracotta, and woven fabrics are good choices for materials to incorporate into your luxury home decor. 

8. Let the Light Shine Through

Welcome the sunshine inside by changing out any heavy draperies with lighter options. Sheer, light-colored or white curtains do a wonderful job of providing privacy while still letting the light shine through. This tip will instantly brighten any room and make it feel warmer and more welcoming. 

9. The Smells of Summer

Smell is a vital part of good interior design as it can influence your mood more than you may think. Essential oils and other home scents are an easy way to bring freshness to your home. Heather Zaragoza, Residential Designer at Cliffs Builders, suggests to “diffuse oils of fun florals or citrus scents to also make your home burst with summer energy.” Place diffusers in living spaces and bedrooms. Guests will also appreciate the simple gesture. 

When working with Cliffs Builders, you are provided with a streamlined process that significantly expedites construction. Masterfully crafted floor plans eliminate the need for endless decision-making on your part, while ensuring your signature style is showcased in a choice of finishes, fixtures, cabinetry, paints, trims, flooring, and stone and tile selections. 

Spending Summer at The Cliffs

Summer at The Cliffs is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year. With so much fun waiting to be had in terms of hiking and biking, water sports on Lake Keowee, Club activities, and so on — you will never want the adventure to end. 

Discover summer living at The Cliffs and take a look at the available homes and homesites by clicking the button below. 

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Featured Image by Barclay Butera.

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