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How to Make the Most of Your Lake Home

Jul 10, 2021

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Home on Lake Keowee

A lake home is a sweet reminder of summer for those who grew up near the water. Memories of diving off a dock into the cool waters of a shimmering lake often come to mind. On Lake Keowee, a waterfront property offers so much more than just a daily swim. It’s a wonderful place to call home, and it serves as the backdrop for many cherished memories to come for the future generations of your family. 

See how you can make the most of your home on Lake Keowee below. 

1. Play in The Water

This one is a given, but a must when it comes to lake living. Make the most of your lake home by diving right in, all year round! The mild temperatures of Lake Keowee’s emerald green water makes it perfect for some all-season fun

When the weather is warm, head out on your boat for some tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, or sightseeing. Explore the ins and outs of the coves around your home, and you are sure to find the perfect spot to anchor your boat and go for a swim. If you have a fishing rod, now’s the time to bring it out, as Lake Keowee is filled with tons of sporting fish such as bass and catfish.

During the cooler months, there’s still lots to do out on the water. Fishing is great this time of year too, especially for crappie. Kayaking and canoeing is also popular for those who don’t want to get wet, or at least try not to! 

2. Watch The Leaves Change

Don’t let the cooler weather chase you indoors. The fall in particular is a gorgeous time of year on Lake Keowee. As the leaves change, the reflection of the autumnal colors against the vibrant blue of the water creates a show. 

Those with waterfront homes are in for a treat, as this time of year is ideal bonfire weather. Light up your outdoor fireplace or firepit and make some s’mores with the family. Or, snuggle up on your porch and sip on a cup of hot chocolate as you watch the sun go down over the water. 

3. Connect with The Great Outdoors

Around Lake Keowee there are endless opportunities for exploring. Trails complete with waterfalls and seasonal wildflowers are common throughout the area. In some instances, you can even see the rare and fleeting Oconee Bells, a white wildflower that only blooms here during the spring. 

Depending on your hiking level — and if you are bringing the kids and dog along — there are plenty of trail options to choose from inside and outside the gates of The Cliffs. Whether you are interested in getting in a good workout, or simply want to stroll along as you take in the views, you are sure to build a greater connection with the natural beauty of Lake Keowee. 

Living in a waterfront community you are able to witness this natural wonder in your own neighborhood. Homes that are part of The Lake Region at The Cliffs boast acres of natural land within the community’s gates. Waterfalls and wildflowers included!

4. A Place to Gather

A lakefront home provides the perfect backdrop for familial gatherings, such as an engagement party or fourth of July barbecue. Being mere steps away from the water, your family can enjoy some quality time on the lake together. 

It’s common for our residents to gather with their families, year after year. Between the water, the scenery, and club member access for guests, your home on Lake Keowee will quickly become your family’s favorite spot for get-togethers. 

5. Get Away Once in a While

Though you may love to host others, it’s important that you set aside time to do something fun, too. Whether you live on Lake Keowee part- or full-time, use your home as a chance to get away from your day-to-day routine. 

Owning your own lake home makes it easy for you to “get away” whenever you wish. Check out one of the quaint towns near Lake Keowee and play tourist for a day, or try a new water sport you’ve never had the chance to before. If you want a weekend with your partner, make it a romantic one that’s just for the two of you to enjoy. 

6. Get in Touch with Your Inner Designer

To make the most of your lake home, play up the natural beauty of Lake Keowee through the design details. Focus on curating a color palette that compliments the colors of the landscape outside your window.

Start by spending the day exploring your community and make note of the colors you see. Incorporate those into your home’s paint colors, fabrics, textiles, and artwork throughout. Also notice the textures you come across and mimic the natural materials you find outside. In the end, you will have a seamless indoor-outdoor lakefront home decorated to perfection.

7. Take Advantage of The Amenities

Homes on Lake Keowee at The Cliffs are no doubt incredible. But if you wish to enhance your lake experience, a club membership is a great way to enjoy everything Lake Keowee has to offer, and then some. 

As a member, you are granted access to some of the top amenities, venues, and the like. Amenities include grand clubhouses with incredible views and dining experiences, golf courses with holes along the water, and access to the kid-friendly Beach Club and Surf Shop. Having a membership makes all the difference!

Experiencing Lake Keowee at The Cliffs

Life on the lake is even better here at The Cliffs. If you’re ready to jump in the waters of Lake Keowee and get started on your search for the perfect lake home, we can help you get started. 

Click the button below to view available waterfront homes to see the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each residence at The Cliffs.

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