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5 Reasons to Buy a Second Home in the Mountains

Jul 22, 2021

The Benefits of Owning a Modern Mountain Home

Owning a second home has immense value beyond the obvious financial reasons. In the event you are looking to buy a second property, you should consider a modern mountain home. 

Some of our current members at The Cliffs have made the same decision to buy or build a home in the Blue Ridge Mountains as living here is just too good to pass up. If you are considering a move to the mountains, there are a few things to know beforehand, such as the benefits of owning a second home and what to look for when the time comes to build or purchase.

Discover why luxury homeowners are drawn to mountain properties as their second home. 

1. Make the Most of Your View

Owning a modern mountain home offers you the chance to live as close to nature as possible. As a result, communities such as The Cliffs do their best to take advantage of as many views as possible. As the seasons change, mountain views change from green and vivid to hazy and enchanting. Mountain homes are perfectly tucked into the landscape, so that you can enjoy the beauty of true indoor-outdoor living. 

Homes with a view offer the perfect backdrop for special occasions, whether it’s a romantic evening with your partner or a family celebration. Visitors to your home will be eager to see the stunning local flora and fauna along with miles of mountain views that surround you. Mountains offer an incredible opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while relishing in the comfort of a beautiful home. No tent pitching required! Just step out onto your porch and take in all the beauty that surrounds you. 

2. Never Stop Playing Outside

The mountains are a playground for all ages, so make the most of it with a second home you can use whenever you like. Throughout each season, you can look forward to spending time at home and exploring your surroundings. In the Blue Ridge Mountains, the weather is mild year-round, at least in comparison to our northern neighbors who experience severe winter storms and extreme temperatures. 

Spend your summer weekends in your home where you can hike to waterfalls and along rivers nestled in the mountains. Take a dip in the water after an excellent workout to cool off and escape the warm, sunny afternoons. When fall comes around, you can drive mere minutes from your home to see the fall colors in all their splendor. The Blue Ridge Mountains in the Carolinas are noted for their beautifully layered colors at this time of year. Although it is colder, winter is still very pleasant and offers its own experience. Mountain homes provide the perfect setting for holidays and playing in the snow with your loved ones. Spend an evening sledding in an open field, building a snowman, having a snowball fight, and ending the night with a warm fire. One of the best times of the year around here is when spring comes to The Cliffs. Outdoor activities are always available throughout each year. However, the exclusive member-only wildflower hikes and foraging tours in the spring are a great way to learn about the local food and vegetation. 

3. Look Forward to Your Golden Years

Is there anywhere better to spend years of your life than in a beautiful and modern mountain home complete with incredible views and amenities that will make your days exciting and memorable? Although many dream of retiring on a tropical beach, the mountains are just as ideal. For those who love to hike and spend time in nature, there’s no better place than the Blue Ridge Mountains. With quaint towns dotting the area and spectacular scenery, it is one of the most sought after spots to retire

This is the perfect place to live if you want to live an active lifestyle and focus on your health as a top priority. A modern mountain home at The Cliffs is particularly attractive to those whose wellbeing is important to them. With each of the seven communities offering luxury wellness centers with on-site physiologists and top-of-the-line fitness technology, it is clear that residents are focused on living well. 

Alternatively, you can live in your home only in the warmer months. Keep in mind, however, that winters in the Carolinas aren’t as harsh as other places, so take this into account when thinking about retiring in the mountains. 

4. Passing Down a Family Legacy

Having a second home is more than just something you enjoy, it’s a legacy that will last for generations to come. Your children and their children will be able to call the mountains home one day, whether you plan to live in the mountains now, or in the future. 

Until then, you can use it as a place to gather with your family and create memories there. Someday they will look back and remember the wonderful times you all shared playing in the mountains and spending time together at your lovely modern mountain home.

5. For Your Convenience 

Though less common, a second home is a practical answer when you find yourself in a situation where you need to stay somewhere. Think about vacations, hotels are unnecessary when you have the comfort of your own home to look forward to. Also, it can be used as a temporary residence while your main residence undergoes renovations or is otherwise unlivable. As you can stay at your other property without issue, you will never have to leave the comforts of home. 

The Best Things to Look for in a Second Modern Mountain Home

The property’s location

Mountain homes aren’t all created equal. It may be better for you to find a home within a community as opposed to a lone cabin in the woods. At The Cliffs for example, you have easy access to take-out or dinner reservations and on-site security, so it doesn’t feel like you are isolated from the rest of the world. By doing so, you can savor the remoteness of the location, while also staying connected with your neighbors and conveniences. 

Amenities around you

An amazing array of amenities are also available when you live in a community such as The Cliffs. Along with wellness centers, each community provides a signature 18-hole golf course, clubhouse with extensive dining and social events, swimming pools, open areas of parkland, or even  vineyards and an equestrian center depending on the community.

Pick Your Region

Within The Mountain Region are three incredible communities situated in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Whereas in The Asheville Region, big city life merges with mountain charm. You can choose what fits you best. The Lake Region provides a tranquil place to spend your days on the water.

A high-quality home 

Is it possible to be sure that a home is of high quality? With The Cliffs, it’s the standard of living, so you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the craftsmanship of your modern mountain home. Whether you want to build a second home or you are ready to look at available properties, you will find something worthwhile here. 

Modern Mountain Homes at The Cliffs

Our resort-style communities offer incredible experiences and lifestyles, but if it’s a mountain home you’re looking for, explore our communities in the Mountain and Asheville Region at The Cliffs. Each one offers its own unique set of amenities, and an enviable lifestyle you can enjoy at every turn. Best of all, each community resident has access to all other communities at The Cliffs, such as those in the Lake Region of Lake Keowee. Just another part of the charm that comes with living at The Cliffs!

You can’t let this opportunity go to waste. Take a look at our collection of available modern mountain homes at The Cliffs to see what awaits you.

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