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The Benefits of Living in a Luxury Gated Community

Aug 16, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Living in a Luxury Gated Community

A luxury gated community offers many benefits to the high networth homeowner. Living in such a setting offers a unique lifestyle not available in many other places. Across the country there are several communities to choose from, it’s just a matter of finding the one that’s perfect for you. 

Discover the benefits of a luxury gated community, and learn why a lifestyle like this may be perfect for you. 

1. A Wealth of Amenities at Your Fingertips

Members of these communities enjoy amenities specifically tailored to their lifestyles, preferences, and needs. When living in a conventional neighborhood, you solely rely on nearby amenities available to you — from entertainment to dining options. In a gated community such as The Cliffs, everything is offered to you specifically, from the local organic produce served at every dining venue and the daily events happening across all seven of the communities. 

Golf is a popular hobby among gated communities, and many have fantastic and renowned courses. The sport is also immensely popular here at The Cliffs, which is why our residents are offered access to seven premier courses, lessons and group clinics with professional instructors, and pro shops as a club member. The same is true for tennis, pickleball, and all racquet sports. Based on the community’s location and amenities that are available, certain options are also available right outside your door — such as watersports on Lake Keowee. Don’t fret if you live in one community but are interested in the amenities within another, all Members are able to enjoy the perks of all seven communities. 

2. Each Day is a Peaceful One

A gated community may appeal to residents looking for privacy, security, and safety. Private communities tend to be significantly more secure than neighborhoods found in urban and suburban areas. 

This type of community also results in less traffic because only members, and occasionally their guests, have access to the community. Knowing your children, belongings, and privacy are safe can help you sleep peacefully at night. 

Explore the three regions at The Cliffs to determine the ideal location for you — The Lake Region, The Asheville Region, and The Mountain Region.

3. Only the Best for its Members

The level of service at these types of communities is often comparable to the service you would find at a high-end hotel. By providing impeccable service, club members are able to savor an exceptional living experience. Look forward to having your every need catered to, from the comfort of your own home.

Members are always at the forefront of everything we do here at The Cliffs, as the community strives to improve the lives of members wherever possible. Professional and friendly staff at every level only add to the wonderful experience of living here. With a true dedication to our community members, it’s easy to see the benefit of owning a home in a gated community where you are always put first. 

4. A Wonderful Sense of Camaraderie 

You often feel a strong sense of community among your neighbors in these types of communities. As you are now part of a community of like-minded individuals, there are many opportunities to network and socialize. Be prepared to meet new neighbors who will quickly become lifelong friends! 

Members of The Cliffs regularly participate in exciting community events throughout the year. Several events are held each day, so there is no doubt you will get involved in at least a handful of activities that interest you. Being a member will provide you with many opportunities to expand your social circle. 

Cliffs Living Magazine’s latest issue, The Camaraderie Edition, is available now. Sign up for our monthly magazine to get insights about life at The Cliffs delivered twice yearly. 

5. Homes of Exceptional Quality

Private gated communities are known for their fine craftsmanship. To ensure a level of quality that is consistent across all homes, each residence is built in accordance with the highest of standards. By doing so, homes are constructed with fine craftsmanship evident in every detail.

Especially true at The Cliffs, both custom or pre-designed homes are created by top architects and constructed by trusted builders. As a result, members love their homes for years, and even generations, to come. Find yourself in love with the quality and beauty of your mountain or lake home at The Cliffs. 

Discover our newest developments and the assortment of amenities included at each location. 

6. Never-ending Beauty

On a grand scale, the entirety of the community is designed to be visually pleasing while still purposeful. Whether it’s the scenic golf courses that allow the beauty of the surrounding landscape to shine, or the grand clubhouses that frame the views, there’s beauty everywhere you look. What’s more, luxury communities strive to keep these wild landscapes as untouched as possible. 

All seven gated communities at The Cliffs boast acres of unspoiled land that are dotted with trails and varied terrain. In addition to providing a wondrous place to call home, The Cliffs also offers you an abundance of recreational activities in the great outdoors. 

Consider a Gated Community at The Cliffs

With seven to choose from, homeowners are flocking to our communities in search of a high-quality life. Purchasing or building a home in a gated community is a wise investment you will never regret. Our communities are unlike any other exclusive community, and it shows in the quality of our events, services, and memberships. 

There is something for everyone at The Cliffs, whether young families or retired adults, now is the time for you to experience all the perks of living in a community that is so highly coveted. It’s a wonderful life here at The Cliffs. Are you ready to experience it?

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