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As the light paints the dramatic peaks and verdant valleys of the Carolina mountains, the seasons gracefully blending into one another, in these purest of moments, it occurs to you — there is something special here. Far beyond the pristine landscape, and the charming towns, and even transcending the engaging lifestyle, you come to appreciate being more alive, more connected to yourself and the world around you. This is life at The Cliffs, a state of being that surrounds and permeates all inside and outside our seven Carolina mountain communities. It is boundless nature, thrilling experiences and the pure joy of calling this place home.



At The Cliffs, we seize the day, every day. Here in the glorious Carolina mountains are seven vibrant communities — three on sparkling Lake Keowee not far from Clemson and three more high up in the cool mountain air near thriving Greenville, South Carolina and one just minutes to the Southern gem of Asheville, North Carolina. There isn’t one that’s best, but we promise there is one just right for you.  And as a member, each is yours to enjoy.

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In The Colorful Carolina Mountains

From the shores of shimmering Lake Keowee to the awe-inspiring mountains north of Greenville to a lush rolling valley near Asheville, The Cliffs offers seven spectacular communities in three distinct regions and a lifestyle that is as enjoyable as it is entertaining.

Sycamore Cycles, Hendersonville NC

Sycamore Cycles

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